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The #1 travel exercise equipment solution! Perform all of the best gym exercises in your hotel room or almost anyplace else.

  Is the Bodylastics Portable Gym really portable? Big Time! It weighs about 1.5 lbs and can easily fit in a top drawer or even a briefcase. The whole system packs in a rugged nylon bag (included)

Every travel gym that we sell comes with our detailed user manual Click Here to see more
We created travel exercise equipment that rivals the best home gyms!
Velaro Live HelpWelcome, I am Blake Kassel and I am the creator of Bodylastics Travel Exercise Equipment. Our unique travel workout system is a complete exercise or fitness center membership in a 2 pound bag, for less than the cost of one month at most better equipped clubs.  

Here's the dilemma: you are on the road and you don't want to miss your scheduled workout. In a perfect world your hotel would have a great gym with the best equipment. However, more than likely the gym will be non existent, or have equipment that is unusable. The other option is that you could drive around looking for a health club, park the car, pay to workout...I don't think so!

In 1998 Bodylastics International developed a compact workout system that is designed to mimic the best gym exercises and be challenging for every strength level. Bodylastics travel exercise equipment incorporates adjustable elastic tubing to generate resistance. Not only is elastic tubing one of the smoothest forms of resistance but it is light and packs easily.

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